Trauma Institute of San Antonio Texas (TRISAT) manages and supports the research grants for three Level 1 trauma centers in the city: UTHSCSA/University Hospital, Wilford Hall Medical Center and Brooke Army Medical Center. TRISAT is housed in the Surgery Department/Trauma Division of UTHSCSA.


The TRISAT Board votes to take the organization national, establishes a national Board of Directors, and charters the National Trauma Institute (NTI) in January.


NTI manages its first federal research grant, for $1.6 million, secured via a direct appropriation with the support of Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.


NTI secures a second federal research grant, for $2.1 million and issues its first Request for Proposals, resulting in clinical research study awards totaling $3.7 million.


NTI is successful in advocating for additional appropriations for the Department of Defense (DoD) of $2 million for non-compressible hemorrhage research and $2.4 million for Trauma Care, Research and Training. With these additional funds and a second Request for Proposals, NTI support of clinical trauma research totals 16 studies (10 multi-institutional) involving 59 Principal Investigators in 35 cities and 22 states.


As Congress dissolves the earmark process, NTI seeks new avenues to secure research funding, provides testimony for Congressional hearings, and explores collaboration with federal agencies.


In response to NTI’s request, Congress appropriates $10 million for the Department of Defense budget for non-compressible hemorrhage projects.


NTI continues to grow its presence on the national stage, meeting with the White House and most federal agencies and offices engaged in trauma care or research.


NTI requests and secures a $5 million appropriation for the DoD budget to develop a National Trauma Clinical Research Repository. In addition, the DoD selects two current NTI studies for continued funding via the Joint Warfighter Medical Research Program.

Together, NTI, AAST, EAST, ACS-COT and WTA launch the Coalition for National Trauma Research (CNTR) to advocate for a sustained and significant level of federal funding for traumatic injury research.


CNTR holds its first annual Trauma Research Advocacy Day in Washington D.C., securing $10 million for a Trauma Clinical Research Program to be created within the Department of Defense that will include both civilian and military trauma research centers.


NTI celebrates its 10-year anniversary!

As part of the Coalition for National Trauma Research, NTI participates in the 2nd annual Trauma Research Advocacy Day, asking for an additional $20 million for the Trauma Clinical Research Program.

"The nation's investment in combat casualty care research since 2001 has resulted in the most advanced trauma system in history and the lowest fatality rate recorded in war."
Todd E. Rasmussen,MD; David G. Baer, PhD - JAMA Surgery, Jan. 1, 2014