Dr. Beilman is Deputy Chair of Surgery and Division Head of Critical Care and Acute Care Surgery at the University of Minnesota. He completed medical school at the University of Kansas and surgery training at the University of Kansas in Wichita prior to moving to Minnesota for a fellowship in Surgical Critical Care and Trauma. He manages an active translational research program, with over 180 peer-reviewed publications.

As a retired Colonel in the Army Reserves, Dr. Beilman has deployed five times; serving during his penultimate deployment as the CENTCOM Joint Theater Trauma Director in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dr. Beilman’s research interests include understanding of metabolic pathophysiologic processes during injury, and improving process and outcomes in critically-ill patients. He leads the University of Minnesota Health System Critical Care Program, which involves all of the hospitals in the Fairview system in Minnesota. This includes critical care services delivered at the appropriate level throughout the Fairview system, including direct bedside service and tele-ICU services.


"The clinical research supported by the National Trauma Institute will ultimately save thousands of military and civilian casualties by producing the "evidence" necessary for the provision of evidence-based medicine."

Timothy C. Fabian, MD, FACS,
Head of the Department of Surgery at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, Tennessee and Chairman, National Trauma Institute