Dr. Moore is Chief of Acute Care Surgery in the Surgery Department at the University of Florida in Gainesville and Shands Medical Center. He completed medical school at the University of Pittsburgh and his residency at the University of Colorado Health Science Center. Dr. Moore has spent over 25 years conducting translational research in multiple organ failure, the inflammatory response after trauma, and nutrition as related to the immune system. His work a the University of Florida is a natural extension of his long term vision of the basic, clinic, and translational research; developing a multidisciplinary translational research team to study the dysfunctional inflammatory responses that occur after traumatic shock and surgical sepsis and their relationship to ongoing nosocomial infections and MOF. He is on the editorial board of several surgical journals and is the Editor of the World Journal of Emergency Surgery.


"The clinical research supported by the National Trauma Institute will ultimately save thousands of military and civilian casualties by producing the "evidence" necessary for the provision of evidence-based medicine."

Timothy C. Fabian, MD, FACS,
Head of the Department of Surgery at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, Tennessee and Chairman, National Trauma Institute