Rob Mazak is project manager for the Multi-Institutional Multidisciplinary Injury Mortality Investigation in the Civilian Pre-Hospital Environment (MIMIC), a newly funded project of the Coalition for National Trauma Research. MIMIC investigates the causes and mechanisms of U.S. deaths that occur outside of hospital settings. Mazak previously worked as the trauma conference project coordinator at the National Trauma Institute. Retired from the Army after 20 years of service in leadership positions, he has worked in the medical field for 19 years including as an Army medic and physical therapy specialist, emergency medical technician, firefighter and physical therapy assistant. He spent the majority of his medical career involved in trauma, both during his military service and for six years working in the Army Burn Center. Mazak’s research experience includes service on Human Use, Medical Ethics and Patient Caring Touch Committees. He is also a current business owner and a college student.


"With Brooke Army Medical Center in the 21st district, I’m well aware of the need for significant research to improve trauma care. The National Trauma Institute has done commendable work to shine a spotlight on this great need, and I will continue to support the vital mission of the NTI."

Lamar Smith,
U.S. House of Representatives