UT Health Science Center San Antonio Announces NTI Grant

A $190,000 grant from the National Trauma Institute is enabling microbiologists and surgeons to work together to study how a common pathogen, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, affects ICU patients. Health Science Center researchers will go into ICUs around the country, where they will explore how frequently M. pneumoniae infection occurs among patients on ventilators and how it impacts their outcomes.

Joel B. Baseman, Ph.D., is the study’s principal investigator and chairman of microbiology and immunology at the UT Health Science Center. The discovery of a toxin produced by M. pneumoniae, made in Dr. Baseman’s lab and first described in a 2006 publication, laid the groundwork for this research project.

The study is just one of seven NTI funded this year. NTI supports translational research projects whose results may affect the practice of medicine in the near term.

Read the UTHSC press release.

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