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Old Technology Finds New Application in Emergencies

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

An NPR story today reports on the effectiveness of capnography, a technology that measures the amount of carbon dioxide being expelled with each breath. Typically, capnogrpahy is used by anesthesiolotists to monitor a patient’s respiration during surgery. When employed during an emergency situation, for example when a person is unconscious and receiving CPR, the carbon dioxide levels show EMTs or paramedics how efficiently their chest compressions are pumping blood to the victim’s lungs and organs.

NPR’s report profiles a heart attack victim who’s alive today because the emergency personnel could tell he had good carbon dioxide readings, in spite of the fact that he had no pulse.

Dearth of Trauma Centers Has Real Impact in Chicago

Friday, August 19th, 2011

A blog post on The Chicago Reporter, an investigative reporting website focused on race and poverty, explores what the absence of high quality trauma care means to Chicago’s South Side.

The news site finds that “significant portions of 19 South Side communities are not within 45 minutes of the nearest trauma center by ambulance.” Since 2008, more than 40 percent of Chicago’s murders have occurred in these communities. Without timely access to a trauma center, injured people are more likely to die.

Trauma Survivor Matt Long Visits the Daily Show

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

On his Tuesday night, August 16th show, Jon Stewart of the Daily Show welcomed New York firefighter Matt Long . Long has just written a book titled, “The Long Run,” which details his dramatic recovery from a horrific accident on the streets of New York.

Riding his bike to work one day in 2005 during a transit strike, Long was struck by a charter bus making a wrong turn, and he was pulled under the vehicle along with his bike. He was not expected to survive his traumatic injuries. Through unbelievable courage and determination, however, he is now an elite athlete and an inspiration to trauma survivors everywhere–and he founded the I Will Foundation to help others persevere in the face of traumatic injury or illness.

Watch the interview.

Abstract Submission Now Open for NTI Spring 2012 Trauma Meeting

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

NTI invites abstracts for the portion of the conference focused on the use of automation, information technology, decision support systems, and goal-directed therapies to improve patient care in the critical care environment.

We encourage providers, scientists, and engineers to submit abstracts in the following categories:
• Computer goal-directed therapies
• Use of information systems in the prehospital/hospital environment
• Decision support systems for the ED and ICU
• Automation in the ICU and the OR
• Artificial intelligence systems in the critical care environment
• Computer and closed loop control of sedation, ventilation, and other high risk procedures
• Patient dashboard technology for the ICU
• Advanced monitoring and computer derived vital signs and indices
• Projects related to experiences and case reports about development and deployment of decision support systems in a critical care unit

Visit NTI’s Meetings & Events page to submit your abstract.